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Customer Testimonials


Hi Sally

As I said on the phone, thank you for your prompt efforts in getting my orders up and running. It's such a nice change to have someone actually ring you back and help with the order. The deliveries are quick and everything is correct.

I shall send you photo's of the drains in the finished positions, both sets external and internal. The quality is excellent. So thank you very much and I am sure we will be dealing with each other in the future.


Stewart (Builder)

Leichhardt NSW


I want to record my real surprise and pleasure at the standard of your service.

I ordered a custom made stainless grate of a specific size and quality, and within 3 working days it was delivered here in Sydney. Not only delivered as promised, but the grate was EXACTLY what we ordered.

Such service is unusual in today's market, especially when ordering over the web, when what can go wrong usually does. But in this case, it was a perfect product and perfect service.

Thank you


Birchgrove NSW


My husband said you would be interested in some photos of your product that we have installed in our new bathroom. We love the affect, as they are barely noticeable and have had a lot of interest from friends and family.
Thank you.

Penny & Graham
Broome WA

Hi Peter

The shower grate arrived today. I am totally amazed at the quality of this product and the compactness which is achieved by your manufacturing methods.

It totally beats any of the shelf items that are sold by the various tile shops that I have been dealing with, when my latest bathroom reno had a serious hiccup.

Once again, thanks for a great product.

Broken Hill NSW

Att: Sally

Just letting you know the grate turned up today and is perfect. Thank you again, for your great Service.
Charters Towers Qld

Thank you for the prompt and efficient service. Our goods arrived safely yesterday.
Kind regards
Toowoomba Qld

I ordered one shower grate before (it was fantastic).
Thank you so very much.
Kind regards
Dural NSW


As promised I have attached some photos of our shower grates installed.
They look great.
Once again, thanks for your great service and a great product.


Darrin & Jess
Banora Point NSW








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Zero Threshold Drains

Zero Threshold Drains Offer a Multitude of Design Options

Zero threshold drains are a design option that is changing shower designs to be more aesthetically pleasing and provide better water removal. Myshowergrateshop designs and manufactures superb stainless steel shower grates that don't detract from tile patterns and are easily maintained to keep the water flowing. Each stainless steel threshold drain is constructed in our Gold Coast shop and delivered to you quickly keeping your renovation project on schedule.

The Importance of a Stainless Steel Threshold Drain

Traditional shower drains are either round or square and usually in the centre of the shower. A stainless steel threshold drain allows you to break from tradition to create a truly bespoke shower design. You no longer have to place the outlet directly in the middle of the shower to provide proper drainage.

  • Open shower designs create drainage problems that threshold drainage solves. Placing the drain at the outer or inner edge of the shower ensures the water doesn’t work its way across the floor, creating a slipping hazard.
  • An open shower design eliminates doors and allows you to create more storage where a shower door would usually impede cabinet doors from opening and closing properly. You can also design an extended vanity without a shower door hampering your design.
  • No doors on your shower reduces cleaning time and prevents mould and mildew build-up in the door tracks. Less cleaning is always a bonus for busy families.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Threshold Drainage

Opting for threshold drainage on your bathroom remodel requires the same plumbing design elements as a traditional drain to remove water from the shower adequately.

  • Installing a threshold drain requires sloping to be worked into the design. If the water is directed in the opposite direction, the outlet will not be effective.
  • You must perform routine maintenance to ensure water continues to flow down the drain. Regular cleaning of the trap removes hair, preventing clogs and keeping water flowing optimally.
  • Using PVC materials for your drain invites staining and yellowing which detract from the sleek design you hope to achieve. Stainless steel offers easier cleaning and retains the modern design you prefer.

Ensuring proper drainage requires the correct slope to remove water from the shower and using materials that are easy to clean and maintain, offers you the best options for water drainage.

Why Choose myshowergrateshop?

We use top quality stainless steel and advanced cutting technologies in our shower drains that provide you with innovative design options when renovating your bathroom. We manufacture everything ourselves in our Gold Coast shop and ship everywhere in Australia. We work with you to create the drain that works with your design, and we sell direct to the public to keep your project on budget. We provide a lifetime guarantee on all our custom products.

Please contact us with any questions regarding our products and how we can incorporate them into your renovation designs. We are capable of creating complex angle designs for a truly bespoke look that functions and lasts a lifetime.