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How can myshowergrateshop Supply so quickly?

We are the manufacturers, not re-sellers. Our state-of-the-art CNC laser cutters and CNC press brakes are the key to our industry leading turn around time. You place your order - we manufacture your shower grate, simple 

How can myshowergrateshop supply quality products at a fraction of their competitor's prices?

Being the manufacturer myshowergrateshop has no middle man, direct from the manufacturer to you. myshowergrateshop also does not waste money on expensive marketing campaigns. We rely mostly on positive word of mouth from our satisfied customers 

Why buy a shower grate if I can install a centre waste?

Initial outlay of a shower grate may be dearer, but factoring in the substantial savings on labour for bedding, tiling, and grouting the shower grate soon becomes the more economical option

Styling is another reason more and more people are using shower grates. They offer that much sought after clean, modern, minimalist look

Shower grates also reduce the chance of water leakage due to a substantially reduced number of grout lines when using large tiles, in turn reducing the opportunity for water leaks and house damage. The reduced number of grout lines also allow for easier cleaning of your bathroom

Does myshowergrateshop ship nation wide?

YES, we courier/air express shower grates all over the country every day 

Do all your products comply with the "Watermark" standard?

All our shower grates in 3 different widths and 6 different top styles, have been extensively tested by International Standards Certifications (ISC) for up to 3 metres in length.


Does myshowergrateshop offer a guarantee?

Our shower grates are manufacture using 316 marine grade stainless steel and go through the latest processes during manufacturing to ensure a lifetime of service. That is why we offer a Lifetime Guarantee 

What is the quality of myshowergrateshop's shower grates?

We use 316 stainless steel with no plastic components anywhere. myshowergrateshop is an industry leader in quality. We combined the latest tooling and techniques from areas such as aviation and incorporated them into our manufacturing process 

What is myshowergrateshop's turnaround time?

Normally a shower grate is dispatched within 4 - 5 Business Days of the time of order. Same day 'Priority Service' is also available, if order is received before 10.00am *Dependent on Quantity.

What if I need a 90 degree corner or anything unusual?

If you can not input what you need into our ordering system feel free to contact us directly for a quote. We will try to meet all of your requirements 

How do you maintain a myshowergrateshop shower grate?

We make it easy to maintain your shower grate. The 316 stainless steel only requires a wipe with a clean cloth. In instances of heavier build-up just rub with a kitchen scourer pad in the direction of the grain pattern. Our removable top is made for easy cleaning of the tray

Does myshowergrateshop have an Australian Standard approval or a Water Mark approval?

YES, myshowergrateshop holds both the Australian Standards approval and a Water Mark approval
Our products have been rigorously tested by NATA (National Australian Testing Authority) for both load and flow testing

What is the depth of your shower grate?

We provide multiple depth options, with a standard range from 22mm to 28mm and custom depths availble.